BTS with LOWKEE on set of ‘NEVERLAND’ THE MOVIE! Giving us exclusive details about the film!

I caught up with 'Boss Man' AKA LOWKEE to chat about his upcoming feature film NEVERLAND!

Entrepreneur AKA Boss Man ‘LOWKEE’ invited me down to the set of “Neverland” The Movie. LowKee has had his head in the music game for quite a while now and is no stranger when it comes to unleashing raw talent. With the fast rise of his Music and Management company Biordi, LowKee has been very busy making waves in the scene. So busy that he is currently in the Production stage and curating his first-ever feature film ‘NEVERLAND’!

Neverland is about three young islander boys trying to make it out of the hood, showcasing three different personalities and with lots of vital lessons to learn about making it out of the streets.

With loads of big names set to be featured in the movie such as Youngn Lipz, Safar bros, Fortay, Hooligan Skinny, Masi Rooc, Spanian and more, I asked Kee how he was able to attain such influencers through the casting stage. He said, “It was very simple. I just pulled out my phones, went through my phone list and made some calls. I reached out to people who I thought would fit into the role naturally.”

I wanted to know if any of the actors contributed at all to the storyline, Kee said “People like Spanian, Bally B0y, Skinny, Masi Roc, and Pete & Enzo, brought a lot of their natural flavour to the mix. They made a lot of suggestions, like ‘We should do it this way’ or ‘This is more realistic’ and ‘This is a Sydney thing’…I wanted everyone to be involved because it’s very realistic and I wanted to keep it very authentic.

Neverland the movie is set to be released in Summer 2020! Be sure to keep an eye on the release date as well as every talented actor involved!

Check out more information on the Neverland Instagram @neverlandmovie and @lowkee

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