CHĀNJE invited me to CHURCH to show his AV skills. We talk GHANIAN culture and more! (SYD)

Born & raised in the Southwest of SYDNEY and being from Ghanian background, Chānje, formally known as MC Ruckermick, used to host and MC large concerts before releasing his own music. Music has been no stranger to Chānje as he sets off the beginning of his new career as an artist.

Chānje invited me to his hometown in Hoxton Park to get a glimpse of a typical Sunday for him as he sets up his decks for church! 


“Church all about just really equipping the saints – We are the saints, we are the body of Christ.” 

Going back to his faithful and humble roots, Chānje talks about how his mother is a prominent and strong, Ghanian women in his life who continuously leads him to Christ. 


“My culture is everything, it’s in my blood and my DNA. We spoke Twi at home, and my parents instilled that in me”

I finally thanked Chānje for showing me his roots and gifted him with our very own bucket hat.

CHĀNJE music is available on iTunes, Spotify, Soundcloud, YouTube and more!

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