SEAN PAUL and I play a game of BEER PONG backstage at his SYDNEY show!

Getting me a little tipsy at the Shaggy and Sean Paul Sydney show, I was privileged enough to kick it backstage with the Dutty Rock team! From Kingston Jamaica to international reggae superstar, Sean Paul explained what life was like growing up in his home town, and how he first got into music. “Kingston is a real diverse place…Music was very huge in Jamaica, especially because of the steps Bob Marly was making at the time. It was very important that our music was so big, so I just gravitated towards it from that time”.


We then went on to chat about how he feels about artists taking on the Dancehall genre and not crediting the roots of the subgenre. “I’ve been fighting for this genre for a long time and for people to notice it, for people to put it on playlists and love it the way I do. So when I see that, I be like ‘Yo we need at least for you to say that’s a Dancehall single’ because the music did get to that level to where pop artists are doing it.”


I then gifted Sean with an Australian ashtray for his spliffs and a little Koala Souvenir. After the interview, I asked Sean if he wanted to play a quick Beer pong game with me using Hennessy. They were really confused because they hadn’t heard of the game before. For his first-ever Hennesey Pong game, Sean beat me!


Be sure to keep your eyes open for Sean’s latest release featuring Tove Lo’ Calling on me’ and check out the full interview above! Sean Paul music is available on iTunes, Spotify, Soundcloud, YouTube and more!

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