Gin & Juice TV with EURO GOTIT talk advice on breaking through the game and more!

It's robbing season! I sat down with Euro Gotit to talk about the culture of Atlanta music, European drip and blessings of being an upcoming artist!


Raised in westside Atlanta, Euro Gotit took an interest to European cars and fashion. After a 2 year stint in prison, Euro decided to take his rapping more serious. Having since collaborated with huge names such as Gunna, Lil Baby, HoodRich Pablo Juan and more, Euro has immersed himself deeply in the roots of Atlanta music and continues to make waves with his original sound.


Right where it all started in Westside Atlanta, we sat down and discussed the struggles of being an upcoming artist before blessing became activated. “I kept working, I kept staying consistent, kept perfecting my craft…shit had to jump off someway somehow.”


I tested Euro Gotit’s Australian slang as he has labelled himself as an international allrounder. He learnt a few new words, including “Sheila, Crook and Dead-set.” After our little Australian Pop Quiz, I gifted Euro with a green Koala bear as well as an Australian oven mitt, to which he surprised me with a gift of his own. Euro Gotit gave me a fluro green ski mask in support of his latest campaign for his latest tape.


Euro Gotit music is available on iTunes, Spotify, Soundcloud, YouTube and more!


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Suzie x


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