VL DECK showed me around SECTION 8, ZONE 3 and showed me that Southern ‘TRAP-Itality’ (800block ATL)

Hailing from Edgewood of Zone 6, VL Deck has definitely marked his territory on 800 Block. With his captivating tracks and having collaborated with a variety of icons, be sure to keep tabs on this up and comer.

I was invited to Zone 3 for some famous 800 burgers and a cheeky game of Dominoes. I told VL Deck he was sweet to welcome me with burgers and parading his Southern hospitality. He quickly corrected me and said it was his ‘TRAP-itality’ explaining he has his own lingo.

Deck was sipping on some FuFu and explained the differences between each of the colours for me. “You got bullshit, you got HI [Tech], and you got yes.” Trap Pastor putting it on for the trap and spitting it for the hood is coming out with a statement tape “Can’t rate me.” Showing us what big Deck is all about.

I asked VL Deck where Trap Pastor came from he said that he is like the reverent for the hood. “I rap about a lot of the underground stuff going on, so I’m preaching about how to survive the hood and the jungle. I’m preaching on the level of the hood just like the preacher preach to the choir.”

After we ate the viral 800 burgers, Deck and his friends got into a feisty game of Dominoes. I then asked VL Deck to give us a break down of Atlanta Zones and rivalries, followed by some talk on his latest work.

I Surprised VL Deck with some Southern hospitality of my own, gifting him with treats. I got Deck to try Australian Wagon Wheel chocolates, gave him a koala bear and a stubbie holder which he then turned into a lean cup holder.

Be sure to check out VL Deck’s latest release Trap Pastor 2 and check out the full interview above! VL Deck music is available on ITunes, Spotify, Soundcloud, YouTube and more! Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube Channel.



Suzie x

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