Hooligan Skinny AKA 'That Driller' invited me down to the set of "Neverland" The Movie to talk about his lead role in the film, challenging things about his character and more!

Skinny who is known for his connection to with the ’67 Hooligan’ boys such as most popular western Sydney driller Hooligan Hefs is a fast-rising star. Aside from his Music career, Skinny has been very busy making waves in the film industry, and is currently in the Production stage with his first-ever LEAD acting role in the upcoming feature film ‘NEVERLAND’!

Neverland is about three young Islander boys trying to make it out of the hood, showcasing three different personalities and vital lessons to learn about making it out of the streets.

Skinny, who is playing one of the major leads with his character ‘Sam’, dishes up some exciting factors about his role. “He’s basically like me, but he doesn’t really have the heart…He’s all about money, like me, I’m all about money. Money, girls, that’s Sam”.

I asked Skinny if anything were challenging about his role. He said “Yeah there were things that I wasn’t comfortable with like there was an argument, and certain scenes I was looking at the director H, like…’I don’t wanna do this you know’ It’s not me, but he always had to remind me, and a few of the other boys told me that it’s just acting. This is not the real you”

Neverland the movie is set to be released in Summer 2020! Be sure to keep an eye on the release date as well as every talented actor involved!

Check out more information on the Neverland Instagram @neverlandmovie and @hooliganskinny

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