LADY LUCK ZOOM INTERVIEW we talked about the shift in making higher vibrational music “PRAISE”

LADY LUCK & I jumped on a ZOOM CALL to chat about new music “PRAISE” and the shift in making higher vibrational music, tapping into her spiritual side and preparing for the SOLAR FLARE BLACKOUT

Shanell Jones, AKA Lady Luck, is an American rapper from Englewood, New Jersey. She signed a half-a-million, five-album record deal with Def Jam at the age of 17 on the strength of several freestyles that she did for a New York radio station. Since then, she has continued to put out music but discussed with me she is on a new track to bettering herself in terms of the music she’s releasing. She has taken a shift in your traditional raw rap and turned to higher vibrations with her new track “Praise” setting a benchmark for what’s to be expected and what’s to come.

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