LIL QUILL AKA DON QUILLION and I on LIFE AFTER JAIL, being signed to 1017’s GUCCI & more! PT 2 (ATL)

Candler Road's very own LIL QUILL invited me to the shoot of his Music Video for 'Wave' with his bro Yung Mal. We kicked it after the shoot and talked about being signed to Gucci, his label 1.5, Zone 3 and more! (ATL)

Raised in East Atlanta Zone 3, Lil Quill who is one half of ‘Mal & Quill’ signed to Gucci Mane’s 1017 EskimoAlamo Records label in 2017. The pair made a name for themselves in the Atlanta rap scene with their mixtapes’ Blessed Lil Bastards’ that same year.

They feed off one another’s kinetic energy to deliver tracks with acrobatic raps. Despite their strengths as partners, they split off last year to pursue solo endeavours after Quill spent months in jail. Yung Mal dropped his debut project, ‘Iceburg’ back in August 2019, and has since continued to share singles on a steady basis. Lil Quill is also proving his potential as a solo act. His debut arrived a few weeks ago, entitled ‘Don Quillion’.

Mal and Quill have been inseparable since first linking up in 2008 after Mal moved to Quill’s town from New Orleans. He took Quill under his wing following the death of Quill’s brother and both found healing and motivation through music after both experiencing the loss of someone close.


“His basically like your Bro now”


“He’s definitely my brother. My twin, that’s what we call each other. We call everybody that but that’s my twin for sure though. Like, we might even say some shit at the same time…That bitch..It’s Crazy”


“You’re label 1017 with Gucci Mane, tell us how that all came about?”


“He seen a lot of hard work from the area he was from, not Candler Road specifically but the Zone 6 area, the Eastside the East of Atlanta…And I guess he just wanted a part of it, so you know he took it upon himself to give us a phone call, hit up management and smoke…Before I knew it, I had a 1017 chain on like this…”

Quill and Mal are definitely underrated in the 1017 lot! Lil Quill music can be found on all streaming platforms.

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