TERRANCE FROM 820 and I breeze through DOUGLASVILLE to kick it and listen to his UNRELEASED tracks

TERRANCE FROM 820 invited me down to DOUGLASVILLE for the first time to chill and listen to new music!

Originally from Warner Robins Georgia, Terrance From 820 invited me to Douglasville for some hangs and studio vibes. We kicked it in one of his homie’s cribs where I asked questions about how he started his musical journey. “When I was 14” says Terrance. His friend added “H2O boys” I asked them if that was a group and what it means. They replied “Yeah It was a group….they said we used to be dripped, nah we used to get these hoes wet”

After that, we hit the studio to hear some unreleased tracks and vibed out.
I then gifted Terrance From 820 with an Australian Koala Souvenir and thanked him for showing me around Douglasville Georgia.

Be sure to keep your eyes open for Terrance From 820’s new music available on iTunes, Spotify, Soundcloud, YouTube and more! And check out the full interview above!

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