TRAP DADDY takes me to CENTRAL PARK to play BASKETBALL! We try Australian WAGON WHEELS & more! (ATL)

Born & raised in Southern Perry Georgia, Trap Daddy aka Trap Picasso originally wanted to be a shooting coach, until his uncle introduced him to the music world. He started recording himself at his uncle’s studio and then decided to rap and make music following his true passion.

Going back to his basketball roots, Trap took me to Atlanta’s Central Park to shoot some hoops. He gave me some excellent tips helping me score three shots in a row! We saw some local kids playing ball and decided to join in on the fun.

After working our wrists, we headed back to Midtown for a quick sit down.

‘Your name Trap Daddy, where did that come from?’

“Jugging how we say in the A.”

‘What’s does Jugging mean?

“Jugging, you know, trying to finesse you know what I’m saying? Getting this, getting that. Making everything small add up…But I don’t want people to take the Trap to the left-field, like how it came out and what it’s about because “Trap” is evolutionary, it evolved and how I look at “Trap” is, if you are getting it out the mud, how you get your money, your 9-5 or whatever you’re doing and whatever you do, that’s your “Trap”

I then thanked Trap with some Australian chocolate treats called “Wagon Wheels”. Coincidently Trap’s mother had her very own drink created, which she called “Wagon Wheels.”


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