Gin & Juice TV join AVATAR backstage at THE METRO THEATRE IN SYDNEY, AUGUST 26th, 2023

BACKSTAGE PASS (2023) 🎫🌏🤟🏽
SEASON 3, EP #04
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BACKSTAGE PASS 🎫🤟🏽⚡️ SEASON 3, EPISODE #4 . GIN & JUICE TV join AVATAR backstage at THE METRO THEATRE IN SYDNEY, AUGUST 26th, 2023 . VIDEO & GIG REVIEW OUT NOW VIA WEBSITE!! LINK IN BIO #metal #avatar #liveshow #concert #avatarband #sweedishmetal #sydney #moshpit #gothic #circus #circusconductor #victoriangoth #victoriangothic @AVATAR

♬ original sound – Gin & Juice TV 🤟🏽🧃💫

Ladies and gentlemen, Boys and girls, children of all ages, outcasts…all the way from a foreign country, AVATAR! Here to slay the house and slay the house they did indeed!! Ironically enough, it was me feeling like an outcast, being the only Barbie in the room wearing pink. I didn’t quite get the Victorian Gothic-style memo. Nonetheless, the fans truly showed out in their gothic best, dyed hair and perfectly placed centric styled makeup. Avatar sets a standard for live metal shows, giving us an entire theatrical display. The show was complete, from the costumes to the makeup to the animated faces to the 1920s-styled circus conductor dance moves, even down to the gas tank bottle being sipped on by lead singer Johannes. The set design department certainly left no details out.

Opening with church bells and giving us epic windmill hair for days, at one point, lead singer Johannes acted as if he was a puppeteer of the band members, enticing them to submit to his hypnotic spell. Johannes didn’t break out of character once!

Spoiler alert! At the end of their song for “Puppet Show”, Johannes sneaks into the crowd, and whilst staying true to his dead circus conductor character, he begins to make a balloon animal, then throws it into the crowd! After this cute little display, the band gives us an extended rendition of “Puppet Show” by having Johannes break out into a trombone solo. This is the FIRST time I ever saw a metal band’s lead singer give us a brass solo.

When we thought the man couldn’t do it all, Johannes tested our limits by giving us a piano solo. After he showed off his one-man band skills, it was time for lead guitarist Jonas to steal our attention by dressing up as a medieval king, complete with a crown and cape to let his guitar rip.

Finally, the show ends with 1940s jazz music and a synchronized bow.
Avatar are definitely in my top 5 bands and artists I’ve seen live and should be added to your live music bucket list. I appreciate a band or artist putting effort into a live act. They rehearsed for this, and it was all well and truly worth it to give you all a magical circus display.

Catch Avatar next while they tour Canada and The States with Ice Nine Kills.




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