INNRCRCL and I hit up an arcade in LITTLE TOYKO to talk music and more! (LA)

Somewhere in the middle of Little Tokyo, INNRCIRCL and I hit up Xlanes and caused a stir. I went from getting my Michael Jordan on – shooting some hoops with LZ the God, to playing an intense and heated up game of air hockey with Funch, to speeding through the digitally animated streets of Twin Racer motorcycle game with Novi, busting out some fast and furious moves.

The INNRCRCL team AKA INNRCRCL of trust, started in LA when each member linked up to be a part of the movement. From artists, engineers, videographers, producers, A&R, and management, the boys elaborate on what it’s like making records, beats and music in general. INNRCRCL describe their genre as versatile, real and authentic.

I asked Novi where the idea for the video “What You Gon Do” came about, and he said…”I grew up watching a lot of action movies you know, my heroes were Bruce Lee, Van Damme, Jackie Chan, Jet Li, guys like that you know they don’t really make movies like that anymore as far as action, martial arts type thing. But just the vibe alone [The video] being cool and dark a little bit being revenge, suspense, those were themes that I wanted…and then we all just started adding onto it…and shout out to the video director for making what I saw in my head come to life, and everybody was able to see that”

The breakdown of INNRCRCL was established when Novi cleared it up for me “Nothing is solo, everybody is a part of the song whether you have the guy that mixes the beat or the guy that writes the song. For instance, Funch has a different style than I have, so when we know somebody fits a certain song, we let that person take that song to wherever they wanna take it artistically. If it happens that we both get on a song” LZ The God adds that “It doesn’t matter who is in the fall front, the team is always behind them, always.”

Lastly, I thanked the boys with some Australian goodies, passing on Tim Tam chocolate biscuits and little Koala bear souvenirs.

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Suzie x


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