DAVID PABLO & TRAP FROST spooked me out by taking me to 6 Flags FRIGHT FEST for HALLOWEEN (ATL)

David Pablo, Trap Frost and I spent our Halloween night at Six Flags for Fright Fest, which is apparently Atlanta’s most terrifying Halloween. Running into still trashcans and being chased by zombies and monsters, my first Six Flags experience definitely had my adrenaline pumping.

Meanwhile, David Pablo was on his Finesse game teaching us the 101, paying people off to skip long lines, or as he likes to call it “The David Pablo Manifestation”.

Later we sat down to talk life before rap. I asked David Pablo what the turning point was for him to seriously peruse rap “My whole life I wanted to peruse rap, but I let the society brainwash me to think that there was only one way to be successful which was how they tell you, you gotta go to school gotta do this….About 4-5 years ago I decided ‘you know what, I’m tired of working for somebody coming in and sitting at a desk and complete orders to help him make it to his dreams’…I’m going to make mine happen.”

I then dipped into talking about the juicy video for their new song “Trap House” featuring Young Scooter. Part of the video was shot at the iconic Waffle House giving it an authentic Southern vibe. Trap Frost had the girl’s twerking while he poured Hennessey all over them, making it his trademark! So, ladies take note, if Frost is in the building, get your ass ready

I asked Trap Frost where he got his name from, and he said, “I’m big into Santa Clause… And really the meaning of Trap Frost is [that] everybody is out there trapping something, it’s a cold world out there”. With his frosty white hair, Trap Frost makes his dreads his own signature style.

I finally thanked the boys with a sneaky little gift from my motherland, a boomerang symbolizing my return.

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Suzie x

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