KIARA SIMONE gave me an exclusive private outdoor workout session! We talked music and more! (LA)

Getting me up bright and early, breaking a sweat at 7:30am for a workout in the park, this little firecracker showed me just how determined she really is to reach her end-goal.

I sat down with the Beyonce of rap and talked to her about what the transition was like, moving from a small family orientated town in Virginia, to the crazy wild west of LA! Kiara explains that while having spent a majority of her childhood in the dancing studios, she isn’t letting go of her dancing dreams just yet. With constant grinding and putting in the work, cooking up a flair in the rap scene and continuously releasing banger tracks, Kiara definitely has her eyes on the prize!

This Virginian born babe has linked up with manager E Mills AKA Mogul, and Casting Director of ‘E Mills did it’ and said he decided to manage her when he saw just how dedicated she really was about rap.

Kiara says the most significant thing she learnt from E Mills is “Patience, and learning how to take direction…when I came here I was so in control of my own career, I was so in control of everything that I did and my decisions…I’m learning how to adjust, and you know, try different things and accept different opinions and being patient, I think that’s the biggest thing in this industry.”

Dropping strip club anthem hits like ‘Mo Money’ Produced by Zaytoven, Kiara explains that she really enjoys performing at strip clubs because the dancers and DJs show her a great deal of love, and are welcoming, not only because she throws a lot of money at them and cashes out everywhere she goes. “People don’t understand that the dancers and the DJ’s are the most important when you’re coming up because they’re gonna request your song or the DJ’s are gonna play your song.”

Finally, I wanted to discuss the continuous freestyle releases on her social media, one, in particular, her Missy Elliot freestyle which in her lyrics she claims “Most of these dudes can’t last longer than a boomerang” Being Australian I was curious to know precisely what Kiara knew about boomerangs. Come to find out she was talking about Instagram boomerangs and not the native Aboriginal Australian boomerang. I thanked Kiara with a gift, you guessed it right, a boomerang indeed!

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