TRAPWOODZ showed me around INGLEWOOD and took me to Roscoe’s! We talked BOOTY SHORTS and more (LA)

Established in Inglewood California, Trapwoodz, a self-made streetwear brand emerged when artist/producer and creator ‘Trappo ‘ had the idea to launch a clothing brand that signifies street culture and lifestyle. “I woke up with the last money in my pocket, I was like shit I might as well go broke to get something going… so the last little couple thousand I had I put into this”

Known for their continuous sexy jaw-dropping, booty-clapping video posts on Instagram; Trappo explains how he came up with the name for the brand. “Outside of Inglewood we call it the “woods” so that’s what the ‘woodz’ stands for and the ‘trap’ stands for “To rise above poverty”.

I hit the Trapwoodz headquarters in Inglewood to get an insight on where the creativity for the Trapwoodz movement takes place. Rolling backwoods in the studio while Trappo was showcasing his current collection for me to view, we spoke about future plans for the fast-rising company.

After chatting in the studios, Trappo wanted to show me his hometown of Inglewood and took me to Roscoe’s chicken and waffles. There we enjoyed the sweet and succulent food of the west and played “Get me back”, which is a game where the only time you can insult someone’s appearance is to find something that resembles them.

Lastly, I thanked Trappo for his time and gifted him with a plush kangaroo toy as we delved into talking about Australian wildlife.

You can purchase Trapwoodz clothing at; which offers worldwide international shipping, and check out their clothing on Instagram and Twitter.

Be sure to grab yourself some Trapwoodz sweats while the wave is in full motion.

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Suzie x


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