LIL SCRAPPY & I get tattooed at ATLANTA INK and talk about the wild Australian party culture (ATL)

I sat down with the Prince of the South AKA Lil Scrappy and talked Crunk life in the early '00s, Crime Mob and more! Find out how I shock space nerd Lil Scrappy with some insider knowledge. 

Straight out of Atlanta, Georgia, Darryl Kevin Richardson AKA Lil Scrappy busted into the scenes in the early ’00s. Nicknamed the ‘Prince of the South’ and ‘Prince of Crunk’, Scrappy first signed to BME’s Lil Jon. He has built a strong reputation and energetic following throughout the Atlanta Hip-Hop scene with his up-tempo, heavy bass lines, layered synths and bloodthirsty chants. 

I asked Scrappy where he thinks Hip-Hop is headed towards these days; he said “It’s going wherever the artists are taking it, we birth so many artists a day, it could go anywhere. What I like about where it’s at now, is that there’s no one leader…it’s everybody popping now.” 

We then went on to discuss the sound of his current music, and if he would ever go back to his old school crunk style “It’s not necessary, we gotta live with the times…That was a time. It was a place.” 

It’s no secret Scrappy’s a Space Junkie. I asked him if he was upset when they announced Pluto wasn’t a planet. He replied, stating facts about science until I shocked him with my insider knowledge. I asked Lil Scrappy if he has bought a star since his so into space, he said he wouldn’t get a chance to look at it. Then I hit him with “But your wife bought you a telescope” Scrappy said “What? How do you know my wife bought me a telescope?! are you in my house?

After the giggles settled down, I then gifted Lil Scrappy with a blue Koala bear and oven mitt souvenirs from Australia. 

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