SKOOLY Invites me to STREET EXECS to see how he creates magic! Watch him Crip walk and more! (ATL)

Straight out of west Atlanta, Skooly’s initial taste of fame began a decade ago with Dynamic group Rich Kidz. Moving onto solo work, infusing trap music with stylistic melodic pop, Skooly stamped his signature snarl, warped trill and is praised for paving the way for Atlanta rappers. Collaborating with 2 Chainz ended up in being signed to his T.R.U. Label followed by many collaborations with renowned artists. 

We take you back to Street Execs studio to bring you more from Skooly! Stunning me with his dazzling custom jeans by designer Le Wuz, I matched Skooly’s drip with a bargain find from Fashion Nova.

He crip walked along to his unreleased track, then got straight into recording, showing us exactly how he brings his futuristic swagger rap to life.

He finished off his recording by adding “Long live Nipsy” Ad-Libs to the track. We then went on to talk about crazy fan moments, being signed to T.R.U, and his track ‘Lil Boy Shit.’ I asked Skooly what that song meant to him. He said “A cross over…My Boss up, my turnaround. I’ve grown as a person as a man, as an artist, as everything I could be. I have grown and descended up, so I feel like that song is a statement to that perfectly”.

Be sure to keep your eyes open for the latest release ‘Home Alone 6. Skooly’s music is available on iTunes, Spotify, Soundcloud, YouTube and more!

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