JESSICA JADE COOKS a FILIPINO dish! Jess invited me to her home to cook, talk music & more! (SYD)

Born & raised in the Southwest of SYDNEY and being from a Phillipino and Laos background, Jessica Jade remains family-oriented by staying grounded and connected to her roots.

Being no stranger to the music scene, having first graced our screens on X-FACTOR back in 2014 with a girl group called “TRILL”, Jessica has since parted ways with the trio to focus on her own sound and being a solo artist.

I asked Jess if she cooks a lot with her family she said:

[Jessica Jade]
“I definitely hang out a lot with my family and eat with them a lot… Definitely, before I move out of home, I need to learn everything. But I just need like one week with my grandma.”

I finally thanked Jessica for showing me an exquisite Phillipino experience and opening her home to us.

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