C WHITE AKA SOUTHSIDE WILLIE NELSON talk 2 Chainz, Southside Music and more! (ATL)

Having grown up in Atlanta his whole life, and following footsteps of rap legends with his approach to freestyle rapping, C White who is currently signed to T.R.U, took me to his studio where we talked upcoming music projects, 2 Chainz and more.

I asked C White how he could describe his vocal style. He explained that the majority of the rap game hails from the South “You can say we all autotune, but you can’t say we all sound alike if you know nothing about our culture.”

C White continues to talk about his Southern influence and explains that “Being raised from the south, it comes natural. I haven’t written for 7 years, I dropped the pen went cold turkey. It’s all freestyle…. It’s just a natural way of recording.”

We moved on to discuss the hardest thing C white has encountered being white in predominately black culture. “Everybody is always like ‘Was you inspired by Em[Eminem]?’, I believe that when you’re a white rapper, they put you in a box, and you end up sounding just like Em but the cheap version.”

Lastly, I thanked C White by treating him with Australian Tim Tam biscuits and also a Kangaroo plush toy, which he then turned into a blunt holder. Who knew Kangaroo toys could be so versatile!

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Suzie x

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