A$AP TyY POPPING WHEELIES in the streets of HARLEM! We talk life i8n the MOB & more! (NY)

Hailing from the legendary streets of Harlem, East Coast rapper ASAP TyY invited me to his hometown to cruise the streets on a four-wheeler and chat about upcoming music, European tour life, collaborations with international fashion designers and more.

TyY immersed himself in the 90’s BMX culture from a young age and is seen in NYC busting stunts on his ATV. We were speeding through the streets of Harlem and popping wheelies in the purple four-wheeler as if we were playing real-life ‘dodgem cars.’  Being on the back of the bike with TyY was very intense!

Having been well known for his association with the A$AP Mob along with rappers A$AP Rocky and A$AP Ferg, I was interested in learning how this daredevil got linked with this fellow East Coast hip-hop collective. TyY explains that since a majority of the mob was raised in Harlem and their friendship has always been mutual, the A$AP Mob have always been a close-knit group and built themselves up to become the crew that it is today.

Aside from collaborating with his boys and being featured on ‘Cozy Mixtape,’ ASAP TyY is focused on getting his international fan base growing and continues to tour worldwide.

TyY has an incredibly unique style and approach to his raps, specifically his vocal delivery that has become his signature. I asked A$AP TyY what his Inspiration is for his technique and distribution to his music. “I’m kind of like animated already, so it’s more or less me being who I am, showing the world who I am as a person…I’m definitely loud, I like to be joking, that type of shit having fun, so I just work that animation to the song.”

The ASAP TyY movement includes a range of avenues such as music, bikes, and fashion. Apart from teaming up with Guntus Paris and Kid Super, as a biker, TyY had always envisioned himself to create a ski and goggle line of his own.

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