MIGO BANDS took me fishing at a lake in Jonesboro Georgia! Smoking Backwoods in the woods (GA)

YRN signed rapper Migos Bands took me to a quiet lake in Jonesboro, Atlanta for a fishing trip to chat about new music projects, his involvement in YRN and more. I Brought the Australian outback with me and set the mood by gifting Bands with a traditional Aussie cork/bush hat from the land down under.

Rolling backwoods in the woods, I asked Bandz what he was doing before he linked with Migos. Migo Bands explained how he was one of the first people from his hometown that has graduated both the streets as well as school.

Having been on tour with worldwide renowned trio Migos, we got to discuss the crazy world of international tour life. Bands explained how hectic it gets “its crazy from start to finish, its everything you expect it to be…it’s a real wave…I really appreciated them taking me on their way.”

Migo bands were influenced by artists such as Master P, UGK, and a whole lot of underground and local artists from the ATL scene in the late ’90s and early 00’s such as Lil Will and more. “I was on that real gangster shit…I was one of them kids hypnotized by it…posters on the wall, watching every video, I’m really up on that, it really made a big influence in my life”. He describes the impact of the underground hip-hop scene as something which heavily inspired him to pursue rap.

Lastly, I wanted Migo Bands to try Vegemite, which is an Australian made spread.

We discussed the popularity of it across Australia versus Southern grits. His repulsive reaction to Vegemite was one not to miss, it’s safe to say he won ’t be trying this treat anytime soon.

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