VAC SEAL took me to a shooting range and I hit the BULLSEYE FIRST GO with a M85! (ATL)

Born and raised in Southside Atlanta, College Park, Vac Seal is Atlanta’s newest rising star delving in the rap game. With his mixture of quirky and dynamic samples, Vac Seal has undoubtedly left his mark, delivering an abundance of catchy tracks.

After being briefed on the safety of gun use, we wasted no time in loading the clips to get shooting! Vac Seal had his M85 with him ready go wrapped carefully in a baby blanket, and Taliban brought along his smooth MP5.

Vac Seal, AKA “Group God” gives me his best advice for shooting with the M85 “prepare the strength, Prepare the body, See your target, Hit that mother-fucker!” Shells were flying everywhere, even hitting the back of my head.

I asked Vac seal what his favourite gun was. He told me that his M85 was his favourite because of the power. The MP5 and German Heckler were my favourites as they were both effortless to control compared to the M85.

We then got to talking about what the inspiration was for his name ‘Vac Seal’. He exposed his secret to us at Gin & Juice TV and explained that ‘Vac Seal’ is simply an abbreviation from Vacuum sealer. Abbreviating words is vital to the Australian culture-making Vac Seal Australian approved! I taught Vac Seal some Australian slang leaving him confused about our colloquialism.

Finally, we discussed the genre for his music. de I wanted to know what he meant when he said his music sounds like a mixture of yams and Picasso. Vac Seal said that if Pablo Picasso were to sell yams, then the final product would be Vac Seal because his samples and music is that eclectic.

Be sure to check out Vac Seals latest track Big Factor and check out the full interview above! Vac Seal music is available on Itunes, Spotify, Soundcloud, YouTube and more! Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube Channel.


Suzie x

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