PAP CHANEL and I talk writing a rap beef for NICKI MINAJ, remixing Nursery raps at 6 and more! (ATL)

Pap Chanel and I talk breaking through from freestyle rapping to making albums, gives advice to up and coming artists, and talks about writing a rap beef for Nicki Minaj!

Hailing from Milledgeville, Georgia, Pap Chanel has been immersed in the music scene from such a young age. She started singing at the age of 6 and was very present in the church community.


“When did you start making music?”

“I used to write poems, and I started to fall in love with rhythm, and by the time I turned 7, I was making my own little raps. I was re-mixing all little nursery rhymes.”


“What was your favourite Nursery, Rhymes to mix?”


The wheels on the bus goes round and round…I put my own little spin on it”

I asked Pap who her biggest inspiration was and she said “Nicki Minaj she’s a legend, she held it down for all the women, she will always be my inspiration, but right now I would say all the underground artists are my inspiration. All the artists who are trying to work to get to where all the mainstream artists are. Because every day I’m on social media i see so many underground artists and so many artists that are up and coming, there all grinding, everybody got their own wave for the most part, and everybody’s just trying to get to the top. So I’m just like, if this person is going, then imma keep going. So for all the upcoming artists out there I just wanna give ya’ll advice, keep doing what you’re doing cause you never know whos watching what you doing. And you never know what artists is paying attention to how you move to uplift them. You know they say God uses people, so keep doing what you doing. Everybody got their own purpose, fulfil it and do your thang whats good.

We then went on to talk about how she wrote her own rap beef rap for Nicki Minaj against Lil Kim, giving the Pap Hive loads of sway and more!

Pap Chanel’s latest project titled “Pretty & Paid” can be found on all streaming platforms.

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